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Entourage’s Fourth Annual High School Advisor’s Conference Is Expanding This Year

Entourage’s Fourth Annual High School Advisor’s Conference Is Expanding This Year

Entourage Yearbooks has announced that its annual High School Advisors’ Conference will be held this year from July 25 to July 27 in Princeton, New Jersey. Attendance is open to all yearbook administrators and is not limited to high school-level advisors. The conference draws educators and advisors from across the US, and its packed 3-day schedule includes opportunities to discuss current yearbook trends, learn about industry advances from the past year, and network with yearbook professionals.

“This conference isn’t like the other teacher development conferences,” said Nicole Ford, current yearbook advisor at Ridge Community High School in Davenport, Florida. Ford has worked with Entourage to produce the Ridge Community yearbook for the past six years. “At this conference, no one treats you like a student. They respect you, like a professional. A rare treat for teachers!”

Many other advisors share Ford’s view. Some of them, including Ford, have led workshops at the conference themselves. At each seminar, attendees can collaborate in person with Entourage’s designers, as well as with other advisors. This year, Ford said, she is most excited for the chance to network. “I always come back with new ideas from the other advisors. It keeps the program feeling fresh and I love trying out new concepts for the book.”

The conference isn’t only beneficial to long-standing yearbook advisors, though. “For veterans, it’s like a fresh breeze of inspiration,” Ford said. “For new advisors, this is where they can build their experience. It really helps to keep them from feeling overwhelmed. They leave the conference with a whole new set of tools.”

When asked about her favorite workshop, Ford smiled. “I like the photography workshops,” she admitted.

She’s not alone. The photography seminars, led by full-time teacher and part-time professional photographer Jerry Holm, have quickly become a conference staple over the past two years. A veteran advisor himself, Holm has worked with Entourage to produce the Goddard High School yearbook in Roswell, New Mexico, since 2013.

Ford doesn’t have too much to learn from the photography classes, however. Like Holm, she’s a photographer herself. “I appreciate the perspective we share,” she said when asked what draws her to the class. “It’s not just photography advice, either. There’s always tips on how to help students as well.” She added that her own yearbook program has benefited greatly from the strategies she picked up during Holm’s workshops.

Other attendee favorites include workshops like “Technology for the New Wave of Yearbooks,” “Yearbook Sales Techniques,” and “Yearbook Curriculum.” This year’s conference will include the classic favorites as well as a host of new workshops for 2018.

For more information about Entourage’s High School Advisors’ Conference (, please contact Nicole Lipnitz at or at 888-926-6571.

Bring Your Community Into The Yearbook Process With Ad Space

Bring Your Community Into The Yearbook Process With Ad Space

Link App by Entourage

This year on Valentine’s Day, many celebrated their love for significant others, friends and family.  Through the gifting of flowers, cards, candy, and letters, we let those who are important to us know just how much they have impacted our lives and that they are in our daily thoughts.  One rather unique opportunity to recognize children, grandchildren or siblings who have made an impact on one’s life is through “love Lines” and personal advertisements in school yearbooks.  These ads are a great way for parents, families and friends to commemorate individual achievements, important milestones and to send well wishes as students continue on their journey.  The opportunity to be featured in a timeless document is priceless and gives a personal touch to their yearbook that they will revisit again and again throughout their life.

Through their parent site,, Entourage Yearbooks has deployed its EDOnline software to allow parents and family members to design their own personal ad for their student.   Web Team Manager Nicole Lipnitz says, “The ad designer recently got upgraded to run off of our new HTML5 software and photo uploader, making the process easier for parents to create meaningful ads for their students in minutes.”  Templates are available to use and backgrounds, font color, clip art, and text can all be customized to create a unique and individualized ad for a loved one.  There is also the capability to upload PDF files if a different design software is being used.

“The Link website has been an important tool for ad design for parents and those not otherwise involved in the designing of the yearbook, however, there are also significant benefits to the yearbook advisor and yearbook staff.  The Link ad designer is an important way for schools to fund raise for their yearbook program.  By including ads, increased revenue is brought in allowing for the ability to enhance cover design, increase page count, add inside printing on endsheets, etc.  Depending on what the yearbook class envisions, including ad sales allows for their advanced design ideas to become a reality.”

Link was launched in 2014 and is a resource that has allowed the school community to contribute to the yearbook.  In addition to ad sales and the ad designer, the website features the ability to purchase yearbooks online.  Following the purchase made, a confirmation email is sent to the parent and the confirmation number and name is recorded on the yearbook website so that the administrator can quickly and easily access number of books sold as well as those who have purchased them.  With this important feature, distribution at the end of the year becomes much more efficient.  Parents can also upload photos to the yearbook project via the Link website or the Entourage Link app.  Nicole comments, “Many of our memories nowadays are captured on smartphones.  The Entourage Link app for iphone and android has allowed for the uploading of photos directly from one’s device.  Never before has it been easier to contribute to the yearbook project.”  Yearbook Staffs are grateful for this feature as well, since they will have access to more photos to design their pages.

Go to to view the features of the link website or you can click here  to download and explore the Entourage app.

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